3D Mammography – better detection with less radiation

Joaquim Chaves Saúde’s clinics are now equipped with the latest technology, that allows for a more effective detection of a foreign body in the breast, using a lower radiation dose.

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A mammogram’s purpose is to either detect or rule out the existence of a foreign body. It is an uncomfortable test, and carrying it out normally involves a certain amount of anxiety and, therefore, it is important to use equipment that provides the greatest degree of certainty in order to respond effectively to those who seek it.

With the new Hologic Selenia Genius 3D Mammography System, it is possible to reduce false negatives, as well as the need to repeat the exam, since the image acquisition is done in 1mm slices, in 3D and at high resolution, eliminating the possibility of overlapping lesions going unnoticed.

With this equipment, the success rate of this exam is 41% higher than those performed in conventional equipment. This is achieved with a low dose of radiation, less anxiety for the patient, and therefore the highest imaging efficiency available on the market.

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