CORE Sessions

Sharing knowledge, experience and science is part of our DNA.
CORE Sessions

Who it is intended for

CORE Sessions can be delivered by any member of our clinical staff who wants to share knowledge.

Healthcare professionals

Sharing insights, approaches and research improves care and client outcomes.


Learning from professionals gives students access to valuable knowledge.


The involvement of everyone contributes to a more informed society on health issues.

Sharing knowledge is at the heart of everything we do and allows us to innovate and grow as a healthcare group.

In short, CORE sessions are knowledge-sharing events. They take place in the auditorium of our CORE building and are open to every healthcare professional. The primary goal is to bring together various medical and scientific areas in Joaquim Chaves Saúde Group. We believe that it is through this through this sharing of knowledge among all our health professionals and through their contact with different experiences, projects and realities, that the synergies and tools necessary for Science and Medicine evolution are created.

The goal is always to find ways to improve customer service through the most innovative solutions.

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Our team

The Core Sessions express the dynamism of the JCS, bringing healthcare professionals together.”

It is our ambition that these forums will grow consistently. To this end, we structured this format and appealed for everyone’s contribution to present relevant topics to the Group.

Dr. Luís Lebre

Clinical Director at Joaquim Chaves Saúde

Dr. Luís Lebre, Clinical Director at Joaquim Chaves Saúde

CORE Sessions archive

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