Digital X-Ray

More diagnostic capacity and accuracy.

Digital X-ray machine

What is Digital X-Ray?

Digital X-Ray is a state-of-the-art diagnostic exam that uses X-rays to produce images from inside the human body. It is especially important for diagnosing bone fractures and injuries.


How it works

Digital X-Ray works similarly to an Analog X-Ray. Once the beam of energy zooms in on area to be scanned area, part of that energy is absorbed, and the other part is reflected forming the image.

What distinguishes the Digital X-Ray from the conventional method is that this technology converts radiation into electrical impulses to generate images. This eliminates the need for radiological films and allows images to be stored in an archive and easily shared between multidisciplinary teams.


Benefits and capabilities

Digital X-Rays can perform diagnoses quickly and easily. Its transversal capabilities make it one of the most widely used exams by the medical community, especially for diagnosing orthopaedic diseases, dental problems, lung infections and various types of tumours.

These are its main advantages:

• Higher image resolution

• Reduced execution time

• Less need to repeat exams

• Less exposure to radiation

• Easier sharing and archiving results

• Elimination of analogue films and other toxic elements, harmful to the environment


Digital X-Ray at Joaquim Chaves Saúde

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