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It is the Group's priority to provide Cardiology consultations, using the latest technologies, in a clinic close to you.

At Joaquim Chaves Saúde, Cardiology plays a central role in the provision of proximity health services. Cardiovascular problems are one of the main causes of death in Portugal, and vigilance and prevention are still of the most effective weapons against worsening symptoms. For this reason, it is a priority of the Group to provide Cardiology consultations, given by experienced professionals, using the latest technology, in a clinic that is close to you and therefore more convenient.

Joaquim Chaves Saúde has been investing in a strategy of proximity to its customers, both in terms of clinical analysis units and medical clinics. The Cardiology Units of Joaquim Chaves Saúde are present in several of these clinics, and have doctors of the Cardiology, Peadiatric Cardiology and Cardiopneumology specialties, who provide a service that uses the most prominent techniques, and non-invasive cardiology exams, applying the most recent equipment for analysis and diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases.

Vigilance and awareness of the early symptoms of cardiovascular diseases are fundamental for an early diagnosis, in order to avoid future complications. Unfortunately, this is a disease that affects a large number of Portuguese, of various ages, so it is essential that we all be alert to any alarm signals. Book your Cardiology appointment at a clinic near you.

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