Liver disease symptoms in children? Joaquim Chaves Saúde tests for the adenoviruses

Joaquim Chaves Saúdes provides, in all its clinics and sample collection sites, a test for the adenovirus 41, which is connected to liver diseases in children and in adults. Symptoms like yellowing of the eyes or light coloured faeces or urine are usually linked to hepatitis, which are mostly caused by a virus.

Adenoviruses are common, and mostly cause mild illnesses. Recently they have been linked to mild or moderate liver disease in children, especially the adenovirus 41. There is no vaccine available, and a quick diagnosis is an importante tool to identify the causes for hepatitis, and real-time PCR is a quick, safe, sensitive and specific method. The ideal sample are faeces, in small samples, collected in a sterilised container.

The best way to avoid the virus transmission is to frequently sanitise your hands and to wash them with plenty of water and soap - especially in kindergartens and schools.

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